Peer Support Program for graduate neuroscience students at McGill: an interview with Daniel Almeida

The GSAN Peer Support program is organized by and for IPN students as additional resource of psychological support available for graduate students on campus. Anastasia Glushko talked to Daniel Almeida, GSAN’s Psychological Wellbeing Officer, about the mechanics of the program and the role of peer support in graduate studies. Anastasia (A): For a start, what is the peer support program?... Continue reading »

Do I deserve to be a PhD student?

Do you feel like everyone in your program or department is more intelligent than you? You may be experiencing impostor phenomenon. Anastasia Sares summed up the main characteristics of the phenomenon for the NeuroBlog and collected real data from a short questionnaire administered to IPN students. Enjoy! In the 1970s, Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes identified a set of feelings... Continue reading »

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year neurograds! We asked about your resolutions for this year – from graduate research to life outside of the lab. We’ve combined them below, along with some of our own resolutions and tips. Here’s to a better year ahead! Engage Try something new: a new technique in lab, a planning system, a genre of books, a sport, a... Continue reading »

Silencing pain with light: an interview with Ihab Daou

The NeuroBlog is interviewing again! We’re excited to have the opportunity of speaking with Ihab Daou, an accomplished PhD student in Dr. Philippe Seguela’s lab at the Montreal Neurological Institute. In February 2016, Ihab first-authored an article describing a novel transgenic mouse model in which terminals of primary nociceptive fibers can be silenced using optogenetic techniques. In their study, Ihab... Continue reading »